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Google Uses Cryptographic Signatures, Prevents NSA Backdoor

Google, the technology company overseen by the US$561 billion parent corporation Alphabet, recently released a document entitled “Google Infrastructure Security Design Overview” to provide an overview of how security measures are implemented into Google’s global scale infrastructure. Within this infrastructure, Google operates some of its highly demanded and widely used applications such as Google Search, Gmail, Drive and Photos that are utilized by billions of people on a monthly basis. …
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FBI is Holding 411 Million Pictures of People’s Faces

The amount of data being captured and processed by the USA government continues to grow, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report showing that the FBI holds more than 411 million pictures of faces in a database. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is amassing more than 411 million pictures of faces, the database is used to power a facial recognition software that was initially intended to store information of criminals. …
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