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Criminals Prepare For Global Cyberattack With Sundown Exploit Kit

Not too long ago, we touched upon the fact of how exploit kits have suddenly lost popularity among cyber criminals. As it turns out, there is a new player on the market, which goes by the name of Sundown. Even though Sundown has been around for some time, the developers of this exploit kit have added new exploits and obfuscation techniques to make their offering more appealing Sundown Exploit Kit …
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The Kings of Copy and Paste Exploits

The Sundown Exploit Kit authors have proven themselves to be the masters at copy and paste having stolen exploits from rivals and doing away with encryption when they want originality. These kits offer a wide range of tools for a myriad of attacks to the unsuspecting victim. They are becoming more popular because they offer more than a couple different ways to aim their malicious outcomes at computers. It is …
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