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The new Moon Token Will not go to the Moon Anytime Soon

There appears to be a lot of enthusiasm regarding Reddit’s new Moon tokens. It is a very interesting asset built on top of Ethereum, and one that appears to get cryptocurrency enthusiasts rather excited. It has been coming for some time now, but different subreddits now have their own ERC-20 tokens. Moon is a new Subreddit Token In the case of /r/cryptocurrency, the token is called Moon. It is very …
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Litecoin and NEO Subreddits Briefly Redirected Users to WaltonChain

Reddit is often the go-to place to acquire information on specific cryptocurrencies. Virtually every coin, token, and blockchain has its own subreddit these days which contain plenty of information on those projects. However, it seems someone deliberately hacked both the Litecoin and NEO subreddits to direct people to the WaltonChain page. This was a very disturbing turn of events, as such redirection attacks are pretty uncommon in the world of cryptocurrency. Redirecting People …
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