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New Bitcoin Mining Study Misses a Few Key Points

There have been numerous discussions on how much electricity Bitcoin mining really uses. The studies on this topic paint very different pictures, although they share a few similarities. The most recent study claims that Bitcoin mining will consume 0.5% of the world’s electricity by year’s end. That’s a somewhat worrisome statistic, albeit one that isn’t based on all the facts. Bitcoin Mining is a Power-hungry Industry No one can deny that there …
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Finder.com Study Shows Americans’ Investment in Cryptocurrency Is Slowing Down

No one will deny that global interest in cryptocurrency is at a peak right now. Whether or not we will see a drop-off in the near future remains to be seen. A recent study by Finder.com paints a rather intriguing picture for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. Finder.com Research Regarding Consumer behavior There are a few key differences in consumer behavior when it comes to cryptocurrency compared to more traditional financial solutions. …
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