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№1: Streamity team announced StreamDesk service launch dates and explained its future plans

There is little time left until the launch of Streamity project’s main service. In the run-up to this event Streamity team presented its alpha-version, which is accessible for testing to those people who want to check out service functionalities. StreamDesk is a decentralized platform for cryptocurrency exchange, which is based on the smart-contract architecture and the API of payment systems. What does it mean to a user? First of all, …
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Decentralized exchanges: the best innovative tool for traders or highly risky adventure?

The creation of Bitcoin was aimed at destroying the centralized character of the currency, however, although the cryptocurrency is decentralized, it is still under the influence of the exchanges on which it is traded. Also there are external problems, such as lack of regulation in most jurisdictions and security issues within exchanges and centralized services. Is there any solutions? We have witnessed these problems with crypto exchanges, they slow down …
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Revolutionizing Cryptocurrency Exchanges with Streamity- the Smart Contract-Fueld Decentralized Exchange

2017 marked a monumental year for the spread and proliferation of cryptocurrencies and the new technologies they provide. This year, hundreds of cryptocurrencies are slated to launch revolutionary services, utilities, and environments the likes of which have never been seen. Despite these great progresses, the exchanges that provide access to these currencies are largely falling behind. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article In contrast to the wild successes experienced in …
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