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StreamSpace Introduces the World’s Most Advanced Decentralized Video Marketplace

Austin, TX 27th January, 2018 StreamSpace, a Texas-based Blockchain start-up, is all set to revolutionize the film industry by eliminating the existing distribution channels between filmmakers and their customers. Utilizing decentralized storage systems and blockchain, StreamSpace has created a secure platform where filmmakers can set a price for their work and receive payments directly from the customers.    StreamSpace has just announced the start of their Initial Coin Offering. This …
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Twitch Plans To Launch Virtual Currency Stream+ In The Coming Months

Issuing self-controlled virtual currencies is quickly becoming a new trend. Although banks were the initial driving force behind this concept, Twitch is now planning to do the same. Going by the name of Stream+, this virtual currency will act as loyalty points for Twitch users. Coins will be issued based on users watching streams, and can be used for platform interaction. Twitch Wants Its Own Virtual Currency It seemed to …
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