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What Is Storm?

As things currently stand, the freelance market is completely centralized, and as a result, industry leaders such as UpWork and Fiverr charge up to 40% in basic transaction fees. However, the core issue here is the involvement of too many middlemen who not only make the freelance market expensive, but unsustainable as well.¬†Through the use of the blockchain, work can be easily distributed in a streamlined manner, thereby allowing workers …
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Cyclone Vardah Cut Off Nearly all Broadband Internet In India

As if India is not dealing with enough issues already, a massive storm hit the country earlier this week. Although natural disasters are not out of the ordinary in the region, this storm affected one of the undersea Internet cables. Very few residents can access the Internet right now, causing even more turmoil in a country filled with adversity. Limited To No Internet In India For Now Vardah, as this …
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