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No Passwords Stolen During Ubuntu Forums Data Breach

A few days ago, the Ubuntu Forums were breached by unknown assailants. A total of two million user accounts were stolen, albeit there is no need to worry just yet. User passwords are not compromised, as the assailants only obtained random text strings stored in the database. The issue has been corrected in the meantime, and full service has been restored. Ubuntu Forums Hack Does Not Affect User Accounts In …
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LoanBase Looses 8 Bitcoin Due To Data Breach

Bitcoin lending platforms provide a viable alternative for entrepreneurs and companies looking to secure a tiny bit of extra money to cover certain expenses. The main goal of these services to provide loans to people all over the world, as Bitcoin is a universal form of transferring value. But some companies are being targeted by hackers, and Loanbase lost roughly 8 BTC in customer funds due to a breach. Also …
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