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Blockchain Tech Could Accelerate AI Initiatives

Blockchain technology holds vast potential. The deeper you delve down the rabbit hole of hashes and nodes, the more intricate paths unwind before you. And as we prepare for Web 3.0 and changes in how we interact online (and the devices with which we do it), both blockchain technology and artificial intelligence will shift up a gear. Several, in fact. We’re a long way from saving the world, though, and sipping …
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Sophia the Humanoid Robot Is Now a Citizen of Saudi Arabia

The world of robotics has been evolving at an accelerated pace as of late. In particular, the creation of a robot named Sophia has caused quite a few controversies already. Surprisingly enough, this intelligent humanoid robot now holds national citizenship. Saudi Arabia, of all places, is the first country in the world to grant a robot the same “treatment” as humans. Sophia is an Official Citizen of Saudi Arabia Everyone has heard stories about Sophia, …
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