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Improved Solar Cell Technology Makes Solar Panels More Efficient, Regardless of Their Angle

Solar panels are one of the most intriguing aspects of technology today. More specifically, researchers and scientists all over the world are looking for new ways to make existing solar panels more efficient, cheaper, and appealing to the masses. As it turns out, there is a new type of solar cell which was primarily inspired by the wings of a butterfly. It’s an interesting thing to think about, to say the …
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Cyber Attack on Solar Panels Could Disrupt Half of Germany’s Power Grid

Most people would not consider cyber attacks on solar panels to be capable of causing much damage. Researchers, however, have shown that such threats should not be taken lightly. There are multiple vulnerabilities found in products manufactured by the leading providers of photovoltaics. A serious cyber attack against solar panels could shut down an entire nation’s power grid. Hacking Solar Panels Could Be a Thing Given the current popularity of solar panels, it is only …
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