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Make Money Through your Social Media Posts With Sola

Social media has become the most recognised way for people to express themselves. According to brandwatch.com, there are over 95 million photos uploaded on Instagram and 500 million Tweets sent on Twitter every day. But the majority of those people using different social media sites don’t make any money from it. Sola will change the game with its unique approach that allows you to earn money from your posts. You …
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Sola, The First App That Splits Its Revenue With Users

How many social media sites you know where you can actually earn money. Of course, there are users with hundreds of thousands, even millions of followers who earn from sponsors, advertisements etc., but how many people can actually make income from social media app. Sola will offer every user the chance to earn income through their social media platform. SOL token is the only currency that is used for transactions …
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PR – Sola Increases Your Social Media Power and Your Revenue

If you love to create your own content, and the idea of making money from this content is attractive, then Sola is the perfect platform to get your thoughts out to the world, and get paid for it. With Sola, you do not have to be a celebrity or an influencer to reach a huge audience. Everyone gets an equal chance to spread their ideas and news, since there are …
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