Make Money Through your Social Media Posts With Sola

Social media has become the most recognised way for people to express themselves. According to, there are over 95 million photos uploaded on Instagram and 500 million Tweets sent on Twitter every day. But the majority of those people using different social media sites don’t make any money from it. Sola will change the game with its unique approach that allows you to earn money from your posts.

You don’t have to be an entertainer or a celebrity with millions of followers, investors and sponsor deals to earn income on the Sola platform.

Absolutely anyone who makes good quality content can earn through Sola. Likewise TikTok users also create quality content and make it through the top in TikTok. This has become very competitive but not impossible to make a strong presence on TikTok. You can find out TikTok promotion to get more engagement on your videos and increase followers in your profile.

In Sola, you can share your pictures, thoughts, news and ideas with people from all over the world without being limited by a list of  followers. The whole world is your audience! Your income will depend on the quality of your content, and how many people endorse your interesting and entertaining cards.

Sola app uses Action Points. Action Points are the internal virtual currency of Sola which does not have monetary value until someone endorses or comments on content. In other words, when you spend your Action Points to endorse someone’s ‘cards’, or content and comments, they will be converted into SOL tokens.

The CEO and Founder of Sola, Ilya Zudin has recently explained in an interview to ICO Alert that “SOL is a utility token with a monetary function that powers the Sola economy. It allows us to share revenue from advertising, user payments, and partnerships with users, providing a strong financial incentive to use our service and create quality content.”

He added, “Being a cryptocurrency, SOL can be used in Sola ecosystem to purchase services and also be used external to the Sola platform, too. It allows every user to participate and make money, not just the known entertainers and influencers.”

Sola is currently having their ITO which will run until December 22nd 2017. After the ITO, the wallet for the Sola app will become available allowing users to store or trade SOL tokens.

Download the Sola app on AppStore or Google Play and visit Sola’s webpage to take part in one of the hottest ITOs this year