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Alibaba Brings Its Smart City AI Platform to Kuala Lumpur

A lot of interesting things are happening in the world of artificial intelligence. In particular, there is a lot of excitement regarding Alibaba’s smart city AI platform. This technology has been in development for quite some time now and goes by the name City Brain. The entire system runs on Alibaba’s cloud computing infrastructure and is now making its way to Malaysia. An Overseas Expansion for Alibaba’s City Brain Up to this …
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5G Must Become the New Standard for Connected Cars and Smart Cities

Things will only get more interesting when major technological breakthroughs come together. Cars have become a lot smarter in recent years, with quite a few of them being able to access the Internet through a mobile data connection. It is now only a matter of time until 5G connectivity will make its way into most modern cars. Connected Cars and 5G Internet Opens New Opportunities It is evident there is …
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Top 5 Reasons Why Smart Cities Will be Beneficial to Consumers

One of the more recently emerging trends revolves around smart cities. Making the city we live in smarter and more interactive with its community can offer many advantages to both citizens and officials. It is evident our society will need to embrace digitization before we can achieve the next level of evolution as a species. Below are some of the most common benefits provided by smart cities. 5. Public Transportation …
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