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Skywire by Skycoin – Changing the World Wide Web as we know it

Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate. As we progress into a further hyper-connected world the reliance on this technology is becoming more apparent. These advancements in technology, such as the rise of the blockchain technology have allowed companies to utilize a decentralized ecosystem in varying industries worldwide. This technology is, in turn, inspiring trust and providing a level of security that was once thought to be impossible. One such …
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What Is Skycoin?

Quite a few different cryptocurrencies exist in the market today, although not all of them will have use cases. Whether or not Skycoin will gain traction as a cryptocurrency remains to be seen. Its blockchain application platform, known as Skywire, will certainly attract a lot of interest on a global scale. What is Skycoin Exactly? There are many aspects of Skycoin which make it appealing, even though it is the Skywire ecosystem which will get most people …
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