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Siacoin Price Aims to Surpass $0.03 Again

The cryptocurrency markets once again find themselves in an awkward position. Most weekends result in rather boring trading action, and this week is no different. With most markets suffering from a small retrace, it’s all the more remarkable to see the Siacoin price rise to nearly $0.03 again. Siacoin Price Make Small Positive Moves As is usually the case on a Sunday, the cryptocurrency markets start off the day with …
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Siacoin Price Reaches a New All-Time High of $0.093

In the world of cryptocurrency, there are so many currencies worth keeping an eye on, it almost becomes impossible to keep tabs on everything. One of the currencies in the top 25 making a lot of waves recently is Siacoin. Most people are familiar with Sia, and it seems¬†its native currency is finally¬†starting to reflect the potential value of this project. Thanks to an 86.15% gain over the past 24 …
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