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What Would Happen to Bitcoin if the Internet was Shut Down

The possibility of the internet completely shutting off is highly unlikely. However, in this article we will discuss the possible repercussions Bitcoin may face if the Internet in some parts of the world was shut down and barred off completely, what would happen to blockchain and cryptocurrency in general? Is it possible to shut down the Internet? Depending on what jurisdiction you are in, your government may have the right …
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YellowPay Shuts Down Due to ‘Undisclosed Reasons’

UAE-based bitcoin payments firm YellowPay has reportedly closed its doors. While there is no announcements on official YellowPay social media channels, CoinDesk reports that YellowPay founding members have decided to close the company for “undisclosed reasons”. The firm was founded in 2014 by David El Achkar, a former Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company, and James Piechota, a Software Engineer at California-based payment technology firm Payjoy. In July of 2015, …
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Canadian Bitcoin Exchange Cointrader Is No More

It appears as if Canadian Bitcoin exchange CoinTrader has been taken offline all of a sudden, and there does not seem to be an indication regarding the platform ever returning. Although Cointrader was acquired about a year ago by Newnote Financial Corporation, not much news had come out ever since. Customers with an outstanding balance will be contacted over the next few weeks to settle everything. Also read: Coinkite Announces …
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