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Crooked Silk Road Investigator Receives Additional Two-Year Jail Sentence

Bitcoin enthusiasts will recall an individual going by the name of Shaun Bridges. During the Silk Road investigation, Bridges was one of two US officials who stole bitcoins taken from Ross Ulbricht and his darknet marketplace. In a startling turn of events, Bridges will serve an additional two years in jail for money laundering. The sentence is well-deserved, although the punishment may not be severe enough. Shaun Bridges Remains in Jail The entire …
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Corrupt Silk Road Investigator Shaun Bridges Is Grasping At Straws

The situation is not looking all that bright for Shaun Bridges, the corrupt government official who helped bring down Silk Road. While he has filed a new appeal not too long ago, even his own lawyer is not giving the attempt much chance of success. In fact, she has indicated she would much rather withdraw herself from the case. Shaun Bridges Deserve More Than Six Years In Prison It has …
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