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Sex Robot Samantha Offers a “Family” Mode to Make It Less Weird

When it comes to allowing robots into our daily lives, there are a few possible scenarios. Some people may use them for carnal pleasures, whereas others look at robots as potential aids for older family members. Samantha, a new robot hitting the market for the fair price of £3,500, will cause a fair bit of controversy. She has both a “family” and a “sex” mode, although it is especially the latter …
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Killer Sex Robots Are a Bigger Threat Than You Think

Sex robots are a very peculiar and worrisome trend in the world of tech. Some people see them as a major threat, whereas others think they will only serve to promote rape culture. Dr. Nick Paterson, a renowned cybersecurity expert, is more concerned about killer sex robots, meaning sex robots that are hijacked and potentially turned by hackers into killing machines. Killer Sex Robots Are a Threat It is not impossible to think that hackers would …
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Is this $10K Sex Robot Encouraging Rape?

There are many different types of robots available to consumers today, and some machines raise more issues than others. Even morality can be disrupted and questioned because of some robots. Sex robots are considered extremely controversial. This is especially true with the Roxxxy TrueCompanion. Its US$10,000 sex robot is making many people concerned. Sex Robots Are the Elephant in the Room Although not too many people like to talk about it, the …
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