Sex Robot Samantha Offers a “Family” Mode to Make It Less Weird

When it comes to allowing robots into our daily lives, there are a few possible scenarios. Some people may use them for carnal pleasures, whereas others look at robots as potential aids for older family members. Samantha, a new robot hitting the market for the fair price of £3,500, will cause a fair bit of controversy. She has both a “family” and a “sex” mode, although it is especially the latter which has caused a lot of backlash.

Samantha is a Dual-purpose Robot

No one will deny that robotics manufacturers have made significant progress in the past few months. Some of the newer models are starting to look pretty human-like, which is considered to be both good and bad. Especially when it comes to robots which have a “sex mode”, the looks can be pretty difficult to digest. Although some enthusiasts have built robots looking like celebrities in the past, such products are not hitting global markets anytime soon.

This is where Samantha is different, as the robot can be purchased for the price of £3,500 as we speak. Not only is that a pretty low price for a lifelike robot, but she also looks a lot more human-like than some other recent models. In fact, she looks so realistic to some people it makes them uneasy, which is not entirely surprising. Humans have a difficult time dealing with something that resembles another person but is only made up of hardware and software in the traditional sense.

While it is true Samantha looks far more realistic than some other models, it is pretty clear this is still a robot we are dealing with. She has built-in artificial intelligence, which means people can have normal conversations with her at any given time. This is especially useful when running her in “family mode”, as holding a conversation is pretty important in this regard. She is, according to the creators, capable of telling jokes and even providing motivational quotes. It’s a very interesting concept, especially considering how this robot is rather affordable.

However, it is not the family mode which has so many up in arms right now. Instead, it is Samantha’s sex mode which will raise a lot of eyebrows. What makes this robot’s sex mode so intriguing is how Samantha is capable of simulating an orgasm. This is achieved thanks to an artificial G-spot which is filled with sensors to record impulses. Depending on whom you pose the question to, this is either a genius move or one of the worst decisions in the history of robotics. Only time will tell which side of the story will get the most support.

Samantha’s creators want to make it clear she is not a doll designed for perverts by any means. Although there will always be some people who buy such dolls for the sex aspect alone, Samantha has been created for many different purposes. Even regular couples can have interactions of any kind with this doll that do not necessarily require further human participation. Co-creator Arran Lee Squire confirms there is “nothing strange about the doll” as it is not designed to replace real-life women whatsoever.

All of this goes to show that the future of sex robots may look very different from what most people expect right now. This concept will continue to receive a lot of opposition, for obvious reasons. However, one can’t deny there will be a market for robots such as Samantha. There is still a long way to go before they can truly be considered lifelike, though, as it is virtually impossible to imitate humans in a perfect manner. This sex robot has some clear improvements overall, but it is not perfect by any means.

  • dreamworks2050

    The real question here is: Can you pay with Bitcoin? ha ha ha

  • Wynand Vermeulen

    So, now with my girlfriend robot with artificial g-spot, I can be told that I’m not hitting the spot… not sure that will be appreciated… by me… can I reprogram her to wash the dishes?

  • Tony a

    not tonight hunni i’m feeling runnnnn downnnnnnn.. beep’

  • JoeyKeeton

    A family mode?! Brilliant! I can finally introduce one of my sex robots to my mother!

  • Vertigoh

    Anal’s gonna be a premium add-on, I just know it

  • Greg Lombardi

    Does she have real breast implants?

  • Ade

    Is humanity really going down this path.

    • The reality is that humans have always gone down this path. The first moving picture was considered the earliest form of porn, then Hefner came along, then Lovelace, then sex machines (which are now used by perv professors in colleges) and now robotics. It’s all the same thing taking advantage of the latest tech. Such ideas were already well on their way 40 years ago, just watch the original Bladerunner.

      Now there really will be no reason for a basement dweller to leave their parents safe, warm, food stocked cave. sigh