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BitPay announces partnership with blockchain service provider Bloq

Bloq has been around for a while, and they’re popular for delivering enterprise-grade blockchain technology, to companies from all around the world. According to a recent blog post, published by BitPay, the company announced that they’re partnering up with Bloq, to provide clients with better services, and new features. Based on this, Bloq will now offer an improved implementation of their services, alongside with 24/7 support for companies that currently …
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Top Three Leaps In The World Of Bitcoin Over The Past 3 Years

1. Price Although Bitcoin’s price has been very unstable it has developed significantly over the last few years. In the year of 2013 it foreshadowed its success as its price went from being around $30 to a peak of $238. This was followed with a major increase when its price climbed to a peak of over $1,100. This was seen as the golden age of Bitcoin as many early investors …
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BitCoin Cloud Mining Services Collapses As Scam Falls Apart

Bitcoin cloud mining has its problems but with many companies going bust outright failing to pay customers, it raises the question, how many of these services are actually mining and have operations ? Whilst most are written of as ponzis the very few such as Bitcoin Cloud Mining Services, gain the trust of many before abruptly shutting down operations leaving user out of pocket from amounts ranging to 100’s of …
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