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Swansea University Scientists are Developing Smart Bandages

It is evident technology will bring quite a few advances and improvements to the medical sector over the coming decades. Swansea University has created a new project that allows them to experiment with bandages equipped with sensors. The purpose of these seniors is to monitor the patient’s wound and recovery process. Transmitting said information would occur over the 5G mobile data network. An interesting idea, but can it even work? …
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Lego Boost Aims To Make Coding Fun And Appealing

Lego is a company best known for their sets of building blocks, bringing hours of entertainment to both kids and adults over the years. During the CES 2017 show, the company presented a new kit that lets kids build smart toys. Under the Lego Boost brand, the company is one of the first to venture into the world of “smart building blocks.” Learning How To Code By Playing With Legos …
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Singapore En Route To Become The World’s First “Smart Nation”

The concept of creating “smarter cities” has been kicked around for quite some time now. Revamping an entire city’s infrastructure is not an easy feat by any means. Singapore, a place known for embracing innovation, is on the verge of becoming the world’s first smart city. With a strong focus on digitization, things are finally starting to fall into place. Making Singapore Smarter Is Challenging After nearly two years of …
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