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MIT and Google Bring Us One Step Closer to Building a Complete AI

It is evident there are a lot of advancements to be made in the world of artificial intelligence. A new project by MIT and Google has allegedly created an AI solution capable of linking sound, sight, and text. In doing so, the AI will gain a better understanding of the world around it. Quite an interesting development, especially when considering how consumer robots are under development as we speak. A …
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New VR Device Stimulates all Your Senses

Virtual technology continues to evolve at an accelerated pace. Koei Tecmo Wave, one of the many companies exploring VR-based solutions, are the first ones scheduled to release a VR sense machine later this year. As one would expect from such a device, it is designed to stimulate all five senses while immersed in a virtual reality environment. An intriguing development that will only improve the immersion offered by VR technology …
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