New VR Device Stimulates all Your Senses

Virtual technology continues to evolve at an accelerated pace. Koei Tecmo Wave, one of the many companies exploring VR-based solutions, are the first ones scheduled to release a VR sense machine later this year. As one would expect from such a device, it is designed to stimulate all five senses while immersed in a virtual reality environment. An intriguing development that will only improve the immersion offered by VR technology moving forward.

Stimulating Senses In VR Becomes A Reality

Even though virtual reality technology is still in the very early stages, new features and tools are being added rather quickly. Koei Tecmo Wave feels the time is now to introduce sensory stimulants into the VR environment, allowing users to immerse themselves even further. All five human sense will be stimulated in the process, making the company the first in the world to achieve this milestone goal.

To be more precise, the company’s proprietary hardware will allow users to experience heat and cold, wind, aromas, touch, and mist. The introduction of aroma could prove to be quite challenging, though, as the human nose is capable of picking up quite a few unpleasant smells. It remains to be seen how the company plans to handle this, as the last thing they want is to make users nauseous while immersing themselves in virtual reality.

One of the primary use cases for virtual reality technology is the gaming sector, and these sensory stimulating devices will be no different. Three games have been announced for this new platform so far, including a new version of Dynasty Warriors. As one would expect, there will be a dedicated horror game as well, although no specifics were revealed at this time.

Is it evident the virtual reality industry will undergo quite a few positive changes over the next few years. Allowing users to experience sense in such an environment is an incredibly powerful development. Although it remains to be seen if this will give VR more mainstream appeal, it will certainly help users experience their virtual environment like they have never done before.

One downside to this solution is how it does not appear to be compatible with most existing virtual reality headsets and other hardware. Owners of an existing VR headset may not necessarily see the appeal provided by this new device, as it requires yet an additional investment. Then again, it is not unlikely popular manufacturers will be capable of integrating sensory stimulants into their VR hardware in future iterations.

We are only experiencing the first generation of virtual reality hardware right now, which feels somewhat incomplete. In a few years from now, most VR users will experience hot and cold, as well as aromas and mist while immersing themselves in virtual reality environments. This new piece of VR hardware is expected to be released later in 2017, although no official price or availability have been announced at this time.

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