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Self-Regulation May Help Legitimize the ICO Industry

While the ICO industry is seemingly firing on all cylinders, the risks have not diminished by any means. In fact, it seems this situation has only become worse over time. With the mounting number of scams and defunct projects, it is evident something will need to change in the very near future. ICOs Need to Rethink a few Things No one will deny that the ICO industry is very alluring. Dozens …
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Japanese Crypto Exchanges Officially Announce Self-Regulating Body

Cryptocurrency in Japan has proven to be a rather interesting topic. While the government officially legalized this form of money, the country’s exchanges are trying to introduce more regulation in their own way. A group of 16 registered companies will create a self-regulatory body to generate more trust in this industry moving forward. Self-Regulation in the Cryptocurrency World The cryptocurrency situation has unfolded in an interesting direction for Japan as of late. Although …
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