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EtherDelta’s DNS Hacked, Website Replaced With Hacker’s Duplicate to Steal Funds

On Wednesday, December 20, the decentralized exchange EtherDelta fell victim to a malicious phishing attack on its DNS server. The hacker compromised EtherDelta’s website, rerouting transacted funds to a replica site that replaced the legitimate one for a number of hours. Decentralized but Still Compromised At 1:34 p.m. EST, EtherDelta tweeted a message suggesting that its DNS server had been hacked, followed up by a series of tweets suggesting that the original website had been …
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BitQuick Shuts Down And Looks For New Management After Security Breach

Rather shocking news was posted by BitQuick not too long ago after their platform had come under attack by assailants a few days ago. Although the company claims no user funds has been stolen during the attack, security of the exchange has been compromised. Right now, there is no indication whether or not the company will ever return online as rumours are circulating BitQuick is up for sale right now. …
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