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DuckDuckGo Sees Significant Growth as Consumers Look for Privacy-Centric Search Engines

When talking about search engines, most people only think of Google. Very few people seem to realize there are other popular search engines out there, even though they usually own a smaller market share. DuckDuckGo recently revealed that they surpassed the milestone of 14 million searches in a single day. As of December 2016, the platform has been gaining a lot of popularity. Things Are Looking Good For DuckDuckGo Competing with …
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Google Plans To Change Search Engine Indexing Based On Mobile Accessibility

Website owners are well aware of how important mobile accessibility is these days. With the number of people browsing the web on their phone or tablet increasing every month, not having a mobile-friendly site is no longer acceptable. Google will soon start experimenting with a new site indexing system based on mobile site availability. A New Indexing System For Google is Neigh Staying on top of the Google search results …
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No More Malicious Financial Ads On Google Come July

Exciting changes are abound for Google users all over the world, as the company is finally cracking down on misleading financial advertisements. Come July 2016; the search engine will vet commercial ads to protect users from deceptive products and services. Google Cracks Down On Financial Ads We have all been there when looking up something finance-related on Google: these horrible ads promising the stars and the moon. Tempting credit card …
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