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Did BitConnect Shutdown Merely Redirect Funds?

Shortly after receiving cease-and-desist letters from the State of Texas and North Carolina, BitConnect (BCC) discontinued its lending platform, effectively shutting down the Ponzi scheme and leaving investors with stacks of worthless BCC tokens as compensation for their dollars lost. When BitConnect announced the shutdown, the coin instantly dropped 90% and has since continued to depreciate. While this was great news for the majority of investors that recognized the nature of …
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BitConnect Is Preying on New Investors

Since BitConnect (BCC) rose to the top echelons of CoinMarketCap’s chart several months ago, it has received much skepticism from the mainstream cryptocurrency community. Despite this, it has maintained a huge market cap, seldom dipping below the top 20 coins, and seems to be continually growing. It’s clear that BitConnect, which promises daily returns of around 1% for users who “loan” money by locking it up in BitConnect’s systems for a predetermined period of time, is …
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