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Siacoin Price Reaches a New All-Time High of $0.093

In the world of cryptocurrency, there are so many currencies worth keeping an eye on, it almost becomes impossible to keep tabs on everything. One of the currencies in the top 25 making a lot of waves recently is Siacoin. Most people are familiar with Sia, and it seems¬†its native currency is finally¬†starting to reflect the potential value of this project. Thanks to an 86.15% gain over the past 24 …
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Siacoin Value Reaches US$0.01 As Trading Volume Surpasses Ethereum

A lot of things are happening in the world of cryptocurrency as of late. Various currencies, assets, and tokens are all increasing in value right now. To some people, there does not appear to be a method to the madness. One coin that stands out over the past 24 hours is Siacoin. After a lengthy accumulation period, the currency finally surpassed the US$0.01 value. The bigger question is why this …
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Siacoin Inches Closer Toward a US$0.01 Value as Bittrex Enables SC Trading

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts may have noticed the Siacoin price has exploded over the past few weeks. For most traders, this comes as a complete surprise. However, there has been some interesting new for the Sia ecosystem, all of which attributed to the price rise in one way or another. The addition to Bittrex, as well as the blog post regarding the Sia ethos, should not be overlooked by any means. Things …
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