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SBI Holdings Seeks to Launch its Cryptocurrency Exchange This Summer

SBI Holdings has made its intention to enter the cryptocurrency industry pretty clear in the past twelve months. The group intended to launch a cryptocurrency exchange in late 2017, but those plans were postponed in the end. It now seems the company has updated its original plans, as the launch of their exchange will still be going ahead in the coming months. SBI Holdings Wants in on the Cryptocurrency Action Japan …
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Japanese FinTech group SBI Holdings, joins the Blockchain Consortium R3

Not long ago, SBI Holdings, which is a financial services group currently based in Japan, got involved in a multi-million dollar investment with the popular bitcoin exchange Kraken. This represented the company’s first venture into the crypto-world, and largely thanks to its success, the financial conglomerate has just announced that they will join the Blockchain Consortium R3. To put things better into perspective, the SBI Group is popular for having …
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