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Saudi Arabia’s Energy Sector Prepares to Embrace Blockchain Technology

There has always been a question as to how one could use blockchain technology for the benefit of millions of people. Outside of the financial sector, a fair few use cases are being explored right now. Surprisingly, it seems Saudi Arabia is leaning toward using this innovative technology to revolutionize the energy sector. With a peer-to-peer trading opportunity on the horizon, new business opportunities will be created. Blockchain Technology and the Energy …
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UAE and Saudi Arabia Collaborate on Central Bank Digital Currency Research

We have seen several central banks contemplate issuing their own digital currencies. So far, none of these projects have actually come to fruition. A new partnership between the UAE and Saudi Arabia’s central banks may change all that in the near future. Both entities are working on their own digital currency and blockchain-based system. Another Bank-issued Digital Currency Project Central banks have opposed Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for several years now. …
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Sophia the Humanoid Robot Is Now a Citizen of Saudi Arabia

The world of robotics has been evolving at an accelerated pace as of late. In particular, the creation of a robot named Sophia has caused quite a few controversies already. Surprisingly enough, this intelligent humanoid robot now holds national citizenship. Saudi Arabia, of all places, is the first country in the world to grant a robot the same “treatment” as humans. Sophia is an Official Citizen of Saudi Arabia Everyone has heard stories about Sophia, …
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