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RSK Brings DeFi Interoperability to Bitcoin & Ethereum; Launches New Bridge

In a 2018 report on blockchain technology, Deloitte identified five vectors of progress for promoting adoption. Topping the list was the need to enhance performance and interoperability. Ultimately, Deloitte concluded, “Help is on the way as a growing number of industry participants work to enable cross-blockchain transactions, interconnectivity, and standardization.”  When it comes to decentralized finance (DeFi), that prediction is increasingly coming to fruition as RSK, a Bitcoin-based smart contract …
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RSK Labs Raises $1 Million in Seed Capital to Develop Smart Contacts Platform on Bitcoin’s Blockchain

Buenos Aires-based RSK Labs, developer of the RootStock smart contract platform, has raised $1 million in seed capital from several prominent firms in the blockchain space. The round was led by the world’s biggest bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain Technologies, with participation from blockchain investment firms Coinsilium and Digital Currency Group. The release stated that RSK Labs will use the newly-acquired capital to “to ensure the complete execution of its …
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