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Bitcoin Price Holds at $4,000, Will it Keep Rising?

With Bitcoin prices reaching $4,000 and setting a new floor, the question on investors’ mind is whether or not the price will keep its massive rally. There are two main opinions on the future of Bitcoin’s price, some argue it will keep rising to $5,000 or even $6,000 levels, while others believe that these price gains are unsustainable and a crash is imminent. What is interesting is nobody seems to think …
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Bitcoin Technical Analysis for 3/24/16 – Slow and Steady

The Bitcoin market is making a steady rise to the $420 resistance zone as it is currently trading at $416.12 on Bitstamp. In our previous Bitcoin technical analysis we mentioned that if no major selloffs occur the price will keep climbing, so far the market has proved that theory to be true. How much longer the price will rise depends on how well support will hold at $416. While the monthly trend …
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Ethereum Technical Analysis for 3/21/16 – Elliot Waves vs Divergence

After rebounding off of the 0.021 level for the second time this month, the ETH/BTC pair is making a steady climb to the 0.025 level.  In our previous Ethereum technical analysis, we discussed how the price would have to break the 0.025 pivot in order to be able to see a rally anywhere near the big pivot at 0.029. Currently, ETH is trading at 0.026, meaning that the market has broken …
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