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Redefining Our Credit Networks, One Loan at a Time

In an era of data breaches and regulation, it’s time our credit network got its act together. The Equifax data breach opened the eyes of millions of consumers around the world to the harsh reality that is our economic backbone. Why should companies like Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion be charged with maintaining our information and governing the terms of our loans and credit applications? It’s clear they cannot be trusted in this day and age …
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What Is the Ripio Credit Network?

Many people view cryptocurrencies as a legitimate threat to traditional finance. Moreover, currencies such as Bitcoin offer financial services to people in underbanked regions. Ripio Credit Network wants to connect lenders and borrowers all over the world to establish a peer-to-peer global credit network. What does the Ripio Credit Network Provide? The Ripio Credit Network wants to offer a real global credit ecosystem which is more suitable than traditional solutions and even …
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