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Synereo’s Special-K Offers Distributed Storage Without Reliance On Central Points

Most people know Synereo as a blockchain-based platform that looks to transform the way we think about social media. Embarking on such a journey is a massive undertaking, and it will require a ton of development before such a platform can even be created. The company revealed more details regarding their distributed storage protocol called Special-K. A Peek Under The Hood Of Synereo Development Many people tend to forget there …
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DAO Attack Nullified Using Synereo’s Smart Contracting Language

This article has been written by Synereo CEO Dor Konforty. Designing expressive distributed protocols that can gracefully withstand attacks and manipulation is not a trivial task. Even solving a relatively simple use case, Bitcoin’s success in providing currency free of central control was certainly cause for celebration. When dealing with more complex problems, like financial contracts and governance, we have to step up our game. Whether one believes the attack …
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