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Revolut Lets Users Invest in XRP and Bitcoin Cash

Financial institutions continue to pay a lot of attention to cryptocurrencies. Revolut is one of the more forward-thinking firms in this regard, as the banking app is integrating investment support for both XRP and Bitcoin Cash, both of which make a lot of sense. Whether or not these offerings will be of great interest to community members is a different matter altogether. Revolut Takes a big Gamble In the world of …
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Revolut Adds Support for Both XRP and Bitcoin Cash

Cryptocurrency trading continues to make inroads all over the world. Surprisingly, this trend has been quite prevalent in the broader financial industry. Revolut, a digital banking startup, enabled support for Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin quite some time ago. They now provide support for XRP and Bitcoin Cash as well, on the heels of raising another $250 million in funding. Revolut is on a Roll When major financial service providers begin paying attention to …
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Bitcoin Price Watch: Argh! Another Massive Drop

Bitcoin’s price is currently hovering at around $6,900. This is a $500 drop from where it stood yesterday, but about $300 stronger than today’s low of $6,600. At press time, most cryptocurrencies appear to be in the red. Ethereum has grazed a new low, and is presently trading at about $376, while Ripple has lost an additional $0.10 and is trading in the $0.40 range. The consistent price drops and …
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