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Retainly releases Virus Affiliate Marketing much ahead of its ICO

ICOs are in trouble. Token 1.0 companies are exploding on the scene but there are rumblings about new – and better – offerings in the future. I call those Token 2.0 companies and they’re coming in strong. This year we witnessed a massive rise in funding from Initial Coin Offerings. This popular funding method is flawed, however, and few companies came up with actual products to match their on-paper valuations. …
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Retainly Partners with Pundi X to multiply benefits of consumers & merchants

Pundi X and Retainly have entered into a partnership that will allow both companies to complement each other in terms of both business and technology. Pundi X will be able to offer loyalty bonus to consumers who transact on their POS devices. In addition to additional bonus on every transaction, consumers will also be able to pay for goods and services with the RETN stored in their wallet. The Merchants …
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