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Former Augur CEO Matt Liston Has Created a Religion Using Blockchain Technology

It does not happen all that often that religion and blockchain technology come together in a meaningful manner. Former Augur CEO Matt Liston has made an impact in this regard. His newly-formed religion, known as 0xΩ, will certainly spark a lot of debate. Even so, there is seemingly some merit to this idea. The Curious Case of Matt Liston Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts will know the name Matt Liston for his …
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Craigslist Ad Calls for Bitcoin Donations to Build a New Church

It is always interesting to see how people try to scam cryptocurrency users. It is a trend that will not go away anytime soon, yet people have shown an impressive degree of creativity in this regard. One of the “older” scams going around involves the supposed building of a church in the name of Jesus Christ. This effort requires Bitcoin donations, and it’s being advertised on Craigslist. The Lord Wants Your Bitcoin …
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What Would Satoshi Do? The Religiosity in Bitcoin

January 3, 2009 sparked a new life into the world of payments, contracts, and finance. On that day, Satoshi Nakamoto released the open-source software – Bitcoin. It promised revolution and freedom from third parties -such as banks and governments- as guarantors of capital. Suddenly, an individual was able to bargain, trade, and retain wealth completely by themselves. It was like using cash all the time, but without needing to have a …
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