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EU Monetary Affairs Committee Votes on Digital Currency Regulations

Members of the EU Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs voted today to adopt the recently-released report on virtual currencies. According to an EDCAB (European Digital Currency & Blockchain Technology Forum) report, the vote passed with 54 members approving the measure and only 1 member disapproving, in addition to 2 absentee members. The report, which was released in February by EU Parliament member Jakob von Weizsäcker, called for the formation …
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International Blockchain Trade Associations Launch The Global Blockchain Forum

The Chamber of Digital Commerce, along with several other international digital currency/blockchain associations, has announced a new initiative called the Global Blockchain Forum (GBF). The mission statement reads: “Our mission is to develop industry best practices and help shape global regulatory interoperability.” The founding members include New York-based Chamber of Digital Commerce, United Kingdom Digital Currency Association, Australian Digital Currency Commerce Association and the Singapore-based Association of Crypto-Currency Enterprises and …
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