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Existing Customers: The Secret to Success

Your most loyal customers are the ones you already have. Let’s explore how failed payments affect revenue and look at ways that companies can improve and increase customer retention. In the United States, customer churn costs $136 billion, of which 34% is due to involuntary churn and failed payments. Failed payments cut into forecasted revenue with 48% of businesses saying chargeback rates cut into their earnings and 43% saying that …
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Peanuts Is Sort Of A Recurring Billing Tool For Bitcoin

Recurring payments have not been explored much in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency, even though the concept could lead to major adoption down the line. Peanuts is a new tool that lets website owners generate recurring billing codes for Bitcoin payments while offering a fair bit of customization as well. Whether or not this tool will be implemented on a multitude of websites, remains to be seen, but …
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Recurring Billing Could Be A Powerful Tool For Bitcoin

Bitcoin could become a very powerful tool for users who are paying monthly subscriptions to certain platforms and companies. One of the main reasons why this is not a major trend in the world of digital currency just yet is because Bitcoin has no automated billing option. Some people might say Bitcoin does not need recurring billing capabilities, but it would be an interesting addition for sure. Also read: Tokyo-Mitsubishi …
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