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Are Cryptocurrencies Recovering or is This a Dead cat Bounce?

No one can say there is such a thing as a boring day in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. After the onslaught of price declines throughout the weekend, we kick off this Monday on a positive note. All currencies are seemingly recovering their losses. The Bitcoin price surpassed US$2,000 again, but it looks like Ethereum is the winner of the day so far. Other currencies all doing quite well …
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Airbitz Adds Foolproof Bitcoin Wallet Recovery Solution

One of the drawbacks most people see when thinking of Bitcoin wallets is what to do if they would lose access to their funds. While stolen funds can be impossible to recover, losing access to a wallet due to device failure can be circumvented. Leading Bitcoin wallet provider Airbitz has come up with a foolproof solution to reduce bitcoin losses to a minimum. A Foolproof Bitcoin Wallet Recovery Feature There …
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Ecosystem Recovery Goes Well Beyond The Current Bitcoin Price

With so much negativity going on the Bitcoin world right now, the fear mongers are once again calling for the demise of this popular digital currency. Nothing could be further from the truth, however, as Bitcoin will keep trucking on just like it has survived previous events that would have killed off any other digital form of payment. But where do we go from here, other than by looking at …
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