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Quantstamp Successfully Audited All of Binance’s ERC20 Tokens

In the world of smart contracts and ERC20 tokens, independent audits should have been the norm by now. So far, that has not been the case, yet companies such as Quantstamp are trying to make a positive impact in this area. The company recently conducted a security audit of Binance’s ERC20 tokens, and found no real issues to speak of. Binance is Doing the Right Thing It is evident that there is a huge lack of …
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What Is Quantstamp?

Smart contracts are of great interest to a lot of people who want to explore blockchain technology. That isn’t entirely surprising, considering smart contracts have a lot of potential when executed right. Services such as Quantstamp make it easier to secure smart contracts, as that remains somewhat of a problem these days. Whether or not this service will gain any traction remains to be seen. Quantstamp Makes Smart Contracts More …
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