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Qtum Price Breaks out as its Trading Volume Surpasses the Market cap

In the cryptocurrency world, there is always some unexpected momentum to be found. Whether that trend is for better or worse, remains up for debate. As of right now, there is plenty of green across the board, although a lot of markets remain on rather shaky legs. How all of this will play out for the Qtum price, among others, remains to be determined at this point. So far, the …
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Qtum Price Gains Over 25% yet its Trading Volume Makes Zero Sense

It is evident this current overarching crypto market momentum is not necessarily all that promising. Most of the bearish pressure has been averted, yet the current gains are fragile in nature. One notable exception comes in the form of the Qtum price, which is seemingly surging. Its overall trading volume of over $1.9bn makes zero sense to most traders, though, which could prove to be interesting to keep an eye …
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Qtum Price Surges by 12% as Trading Volume Nearly Doubles

It is a pretty good Saturday afternoon and early evening for most cryptocurrencies. While that is a good reason to be rather optimistic, one also has to keep in mind not all markets evolve in the same manner. The Qtum price is rising rapidly, as its value seems on track to hit $2.5. This is in line with some other markets, although its monster trading volume should not be overlooked …
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