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What Is the Qryptos Exchange?

Earlier this year, QUOINE launched Qryptos, a new cryptocurrency trading platform. Qryptos is a very peculiar exchange which supports many different cryptocurrencies. The platform¬†specializes in listing new coins with¬†negative trading fees to generate initial liquidity. Negative fees are rather uncommon in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges. Qryptos Provides Liquidity in a Different Way Although Qryptos was officially announced in June of this year, very few people have paid attention to …
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QUOINE Launches Fully Digital Crypto-Only Platform, Offers Negative Fees to Attract Liquidity

Global fintech firm QUOINE has launched a fully digital cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform called QRYPTOS, exclusively for cryptocurrency trading in beta version. QRYPTOS is currently in beta desktop version at www.qryptos.com. Developed to meet the trading needs of a growing professional and retail market, QRYPTOS was designed to make cryptocurrency trading convenient and efficient for everyone from the novice investor to corporate clients. QUOINE is committed to being the …
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