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Putin Orders Drafting of Digital Currency Laws, Affecting Miners

Following a few months of conflicting statements, recent reports from the Kremlin indicate that Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a decision on digital currencies. He has ordered his government to create laws meant to clearly govern the status of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, but also to thoroughly regulate initial coin offerings, mining, and other aspects of cryptocurrency by summer 2018. Decisions, Decisions While there have been several hints that Russia …
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US Government Ready to Strike Back Russia If They Interfere With Elections

At the beginning of last month, and as a consequence of the DNC (Democratic National Party) hacks, news broke about a CIA plan to strike back on the Russians. According to sources of a major news media outlet, US Hackers have already penetrated key networks. Cybersecurity company SecureWorks (NASDAQ:SCWX) led an investigation that uncovered the virtual identities of the authors behind the DNC hacks. The research shows that a group of …
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