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PROOF OF TOSS Architecture

PROOF OF TOSS is a new decentralized open-source betting ecosystem that is aimed to modernize and change the betting industry. The platform allows users to create wagers, bet, and judge. PROOF OF TOSS’ CTO, Eugene Pavlenko, explained the project architecture and technical solutions. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Could you briefly explain the PROOF OF TOSS software architecture and what principles it’s built on? While thinking over the software …
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Proof of Toss – Aiming to Revolutionize the Betting Market

During the last couple of years, the online gaming environment has evolved, especially thanks to the introduction of digital currencies. Despite this, the market continues to have one main problem – trust. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article It is believed that the introduction of blockchain technologies in the gaming market may help resolve this issue. Proof of Toss represents a decentralized ecosystem for betting that has been designed to …
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