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The First Ever Ethereum Sweatshirt Will be Sent to Space

We all know the famous expression “Ethereum to the moon”. Well this time around, someone decided to do something similar. The clothing company, Pressco, will send the first ever Ethereum sweatshirt to space. It has been a great year for the Ethereum cryptocurrency and its x55 growth will be celebrated. For this so-called “Space Mission,” there was a need to choose a piece of clothing that conveyed an idea of …
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An Actual Start-up Is Doing an ICO With a Hard Cap You’ve Never Seen Before

Pressco is an e-commerce platform that allows communities and companies to start their own clothing and merchandise brand by reducing their initial costs to absolute zero. So what problem does Pressco solve? Imagine you are a fitness trainer with more than one million active followers on social networks, and you have a bunch of active participants in your classes. You are striving to grow your fitness and healthy-lifestyle community by …
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New Era of ICOs – No More White Papers

Every once in a while, new technology emerges and completely transforms the way humans live. During the dot-com era, the buzzword “internet” had all of the spotlight. It was growing extremely fast and spreading globally. Millions of people has joined the movement and funded everything related to internet technologies, from marketplaces to internet content distributors, such as broadcast.com. At that time, people had absolutely no doubt that this was a total-game …
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