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Pocketnet Releases New Rewards for Its Users

Pocketnet is a blockchain based social media platform similar to Steemit. Unlike Steemit and and other social networks, Pocketnet is fully decentralized, with no corporate identify and nodes that are truly equal in validating the blockchain and social network. How to get Pocketcoins? You get Pocketcoins for posting quality content and have a personal page where users can follow you and view your posts. It’s still in beta but fully …
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While Steemit is having blockchain issues, check out Pocketnet

Steemit is a blockchain based social media platform where you can get paid to post content. It’s similar to reddit, but each upvote actually gives you tokens. Steem Blockchain Issues Steem has been having issues with its blockchain for the past day, and users are unable to make new posts. We are aware of the issues and are looking into it. We will update with more information as it becomes …
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