Pocketnet Releases New Rewards for Its Users

Pocketnet is a blockchain based social media platform similar to Steemit. Unlike Steemit and and other social networks, Pocketnet is fully decentralized, with no corporate identify and nodes that are truly equal in validating the blockchain and social network.

How to get Pocketcoins?

You get Pocketcoins for posting quality content and have a personal page where users can follow you and view your posts. It’s still in beta but fully operation, you can make an account right now and join the community. Recently, the Pocketnet team released new rewards for node operators and users. Let’s go over the rewards and how you can claim them.

New Rewards Program for Pocketpeople!

The Pocketnet team created a new program to reward high quality posters. Once your account reaches a certain level of reputation, you will receive a Pocketcoin bonus:

20 Rep = 5 POC
50 Rep = 12.5 POC
100 Rep = 25 POC

To check your reputation, go to your profile and click the reputation tab. There you will see a breakdown of post count, star count, and your overall reputation. In my case, I had 80 reputation for the 29 posts that I have done.pocketnet

What Is Reputation and how is it calculated?

Reputation can be gained or lost depending on how your posts get ranked. If you have over 50 reputation, every time you rate a post you can decide whether to award that poster reputation, think of it like Reddit karma. The rating for each posts translates to the following amount of reputation:

5 stars = 2 reputation
4 stars = 1 reputation
3 stars = 0 reputation
2 stars = -1 reputation
1 stars = -2 reputation

Referral Program for Users

Pocketnet is also introducing a new referral program which awards POC for people that your bring to Pocketnet. Just like the reputation system, the rewards will be retroactive in the sense that if you already referred people, you will get the rewards.

Increased Rewards to Node Operators

If you decide to run a Pocketnet node, you can receive 2,000 POC if you operate it for 5 months. You can check out Pocketnet’s github for a tutorial on how to install and set up your own Pocketnode. To claim your rewards, simply join their telegram channel, you can also email [email protected]. The Pocketnet team said:

“Note, that Pocketcoin is a Proof-of-Stake currency. Therefore, in order to win coins you actually need some Pocketcoin. We will actually give 1,000 Pocketcoin to anyone who gets the node up and running in equal installments of 250 Pocketcoin every month that the node is continuously running.”

So if you don’t have a Pocketnode set up yet, go and do that NOW.

Pocketnet Android App

If you have an Android phone then you’re in luck, because you can now make posts and consume content on Pocketnet via the new Android app. It was recently released on August 21st, 2019 and has a 4.3 Star rating.

If you’re still not sold on Pocketnet, then check out the article I did on NullTX for Why I’m Excited About Pocketnet. Alternatively, make a free account on the platform and check it out for yourself.