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Kickstarter Campaign to Mint Physical IOTA Coins Gets Funded Successfully

In the world of cryptocurrency, there has always been a keen interest in physical objects. Whether they are coins, paper wallets, keychains, or anything else in tangible form, crypto-related merchandise and collectibles always do quite well. In the case of IOTA, a Kickstarter project was organized to mint physical coins. Surprisingly, this crowdfunding campaign has been fully funded, even though it still has nearly four weeks to go. A Physical IOTA …
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eBay Does Not Allow The Sale of Pre-funded Physical Bitcoins

Selling physical Bitcoins on eBay is never a bad idea. These collectable items can fetch a pretty penny when opening up the offer to a global market. But there are some things to keep in mind. Otherwise, one’s sale might get suspended without as much as a warning. Loaded coins, for example, cannot be sold on the auction platform, as it violates their terms of service. Selling Loaded Coins On …
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