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Keeping Safe From Phishing During COVID-19

Email, while a helpful resource and an effective communication tool, has been taken advantage of by scammers and hackers for decades. Phishing is a common attack used to get victims to click a malicious link – in 2018 alone, over 80% of people received phishing emails and over 60% of businesses experience phishing attacks. These attacks are hard to spot as they don’t target the tech but they target human …
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The History and Future of Phishing

Having a spam email show up in your inbox nowadays is most of the time a harmless annoyance and we don’t really pay attention to them nearly as much as we used to. But a few decades ago, spam emails had bigger ramifications, and sometimes, even today, spam emails can wreak havoc on our systems.    Email started as MIT’s Compatible Time-Sharing System, which stored shared files on a central …
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